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Law enforcement and local residents have reported problems with street prostitution in some city neighborhoods for over two decades.

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Multiple cases of sex trafficking of both minors and adults and the targeted homicide of prostituted women have also been reported. Among their efforts to reduce commercial sex sales in the area, the Grand Prairie Police Department has conducted at least three street-level reverse stings targeting johns.

In Mayfor example, officers launched an operation in the Houston Street area after receiving complaints from residents and business owners about prostitution in the vicinity.

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For the sting, a female officer was wired with a microphone and sent undercover as a prostituted woman. Eight men solicited the officer for sex acts; it is unclear if their names were disclosed to the public. Similarly, in Julytwo female GPPD officers intercepted eight johns along Northwest 24th Street during a three-hour reverse sting.

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Grand Prairie residents have undertaken several efforts to reduce prostitution in local neighborhoods. Residents have also met with law enforcement and city officials on multiple occasions to complain about chronic street solicitation in certain areas. It was originally developed by Dr.

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