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A hint to the Wise is yours news. Ii v v sat Day by a Star l rates of on conv.

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Ono year la. K in n Unni. A i it a will Chi or n favor by repo Tiu to in promptly Uii failure to receive the miss. All kinds of Joh Carmeny and promptly to. Col und Tec specimen Anil Koft Prici. In Tercila Kansas us so. Claw mutter.

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October A deplorable condition. I Rick were not in exactly the condition they Nho Silil be. I Rick took Hurire of the Iio Tomee met mini a. In tilt Al Ilii Diioli tint nearly the Choice of the people it was thought but it pc n ban been Iuie. I of Rev. He Ingild Andi in no i that when the inspector ovine the to a i Fri twirl flit ill Llu v i j funds had not been reported or turned in to Liudi Hurter since or.

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Trick took charge of the office there being of Thorn fund on hands. Now i Nee Mth. March s salary is expert in is per Clay it will be seen that or. I Riek s ions it quite heavy.

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Rick s friends contribute enough tout least pay my. March s salary. If this is not done the poor Man will hardly have enough for n Corn Pone living. The worst feature of the whole affair however is that or. Urick can not run the office without being compelled to Call in mrs. March who served under Rule.

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I have not lost Faith in democrats As office Holde und still believe there ure. Some in Baxter Springs who could run the office without the of committee to dictate the j of icy of its manae input. It May be that the fault Lien in the building in which the office in Situ ated. Within the Pant few years there have been two failures two fires n and this rude in that building or on that lot and it May be Hoo doomed. But there is no telling the cause. Urick probably Means Well but he evidently Don t know us much As he should.

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I wonder if the will fail because one of its is in that building while there Are some who rejoice because or. Urick has gotten him self into a tangle in the manage ment of the Post office i do not.

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I feel that the Post office at Baxter. A blow from which it will not soon recover and i also feel that mrs. March will be Able to straighten out the kicks and Possi Bly or. I am not the Only one who noun. S because of this great calamity.

Door to popu. And Aime re inuit. Urick their. It i does seem that what is to in win of. Or uric a friends should help him out the coming Winter was. T 1 run incl Blair to be a Nuru no May whistle to bin nether garments. I a Simon j i Kab Kuji Scitar. R i be convinced thai it will cure ii c.

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F or kidney and Bowel an Jiun ii disc Hie. Sold by a. Kane respectfully Isaac Wright. Jenkins manager.

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Baxter Springs 5 i Imrij Tsiun saturday oven Prezil. Republican interposition government Post offices Republican. Prohibitionists sympathy.

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And7o" x talk. Our thanks lire due to. Keeney for the Ninoth Sweet Tuto h tin tuesday. It Inezi tired 17lo inches in circumference.

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In a his in length mid weighed fix in find and one ounce. It my mined in Miami by or. Therefore we know Bluit this Section in of Jud if not better than Liny in the i United state for mining vegetable.

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Miami chief. A Sweet potato War brought to our office this week by or. Laze Brook that weighed 7 2 pounds. It i the Lairet one we have Ever i and when he came in carrying t on hit shoulder we thought it was a pumpkin.

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To Wiy he took another one weighing eix Pound and two Niall ohm weighing three or four Pound each from the name Kee county Kerub Heliin. Two r Sweet potatoes were cent to a tuesday.

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One by ii. Weighing fix Pound and one by v. Long weighing ii rat i Oudt. Ai Lernon Southard living three mile cant of Carl unction. I entitled to the Belt fir birr Sweet not Toen. Cd Cadny " he brought to this office 11 potato of the White variety that tipped the Deam Good Anil Strong m leu Ami three fourth s pounds.

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That s what might be culled a ringer. Tarl Junction Standard.

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It must be admitted that the above Are big potatoes and that thin year inn been n Good one in thin line but a Sweet potato wan on exhibition in Daniels Lla Llcy n real estate Othee saturday which weighed 1. Or one Peck. It is of the yellow Yam variety and was raised by a coloured Man named Cheet Uili who lives on ii. Henley s farm two Miles no theist of this City. As the attorney would say. We the undered have known f.

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