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Georgia, Ohio, and Missouri have also passed restrictive laws on abortion. However, none of these laws are in effect yet.

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False and misleading information about abortion access began circulating immediately, some of it caused by a misinterpretation of the bill. Nonnecke recently published research on computational propaganda and reproductive rights, which found old debunked stories entering online conversations and automated harassment from bot s. The intention of the disinformation, according to Nonnecke, is often to increase division about an already politically charged issue.


One viral message purporting to give women instructions on how to get an out-of-state abortion implies that the ban is already in effect. However, abortions have not yet been banned in Alabama. Abortion rights groups are also planning to sue states with abortion bans, which will likely be blocked in court, as they have been when similar bills were approved in the past.

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They will not go into effect unless they reach the Supreme Court and, as a result, Roe v. Wade is overturned — a process that will likely take at least a year.

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The instructions, which discourage women from telling anyone and even from using the phone, are not the right course of action, according to Planned Parenthood. By telling women to keep quiet, the instructions also imply that women could be prosecuted or that the state could go after them for seeking or getting an abortion.

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The Alabama law would jail doctors for providing abortions, not women. The best advice for women seeking an abortion or even more information about the procedure is to call a legitimate clinic and get information directly from health care providers, according to Dr. In her experience, clinics are very aware of the legal situation in their respective states and can help guide patients to the care they need. Women in affected states need to know that, as of now, nothing has changed for their appointments, Luttrell said.

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Rather than isolating themselves, Luttrell encourages women who are willing to share their stories. These bans aren't in effect — yet.

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You can still make an appointment at your local health center, and get care. We will fight to ensure that patients — and everyone in this country — can still access health care, no matter what.

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Because none of the laws recently passed across the US have gone into effect, both Luttrell and Koyama said women can continue with existing appointments and make new ones. Planned Parenthood said women have been phoning its clinics to ask whether new laws in Alabama, Georgia, Ohio, and Missouri now mean appointments for abortions in those states are canceled.

They are not.

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However, patients should be aware of anti-abortion centers posing as abortion clinics targeting women who are looking for abortions. Koyama said the best way to find a provider is to go through organizations like Planned Parenthood or the National Abortion Federation, which has a list of clinics in the US and abroad.

Another way to differentiate a real clinic from an anti-abortion one is to ask logistical questions.

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People online are speculating that women will go to prison if they get an abortion. The Alabama law specifies that women who receive an abortion will not be held liable for it.

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So if I perform an abortion for a woman who was raped in Alabama, I would go to jail for many more years than the rapist himself? Cool, cool, cool, makes sense, not insane at all. Although women would not be held liable for getting an abortion, doctors will be held criminally responsible for performing one.

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According to the bill, doctors could be charged with a class A felony, which carries a punishment of between 10 and 99 years in prison, for performing an abortion. Attempting to carry out an abortion would face a class B felony.

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Luttrell of Planned Parenthood said that criminalizing miscarriages is not the explicit purpose of the bill. She stresses that the law is still not in effect, and because it is being challenged in court, it may never be. People of Alabama: Plan-B is available over the counter and has a shelf-life of four years. Plan B is emergency contraception, not an abortion pill.


But Koyama said having it for yourself, your friends, or your family is a good idea. Plan B does not need to be kept in the fridge, and each box should have an expiration date on it.

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Koyama also noted that another form of emergency contraception could be getting a copper IUD, which will also help protect patients from unwanted pregnancies. Contact Jane Lytvynenko at jane. Got a confidential tip?

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Submit it here. A BuzzFeed News investigation, in partnership with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, based on thousands of documents the government didn't want you to see.

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